Our Company

"Makro Rekat Sekawan is an adhesive manufacturer and above all, a service provider".

Makro Rekat Sekawan is the leading Indonesian adhesive manufacturer. Our extensive experience in adhesion and glue was gained through more than 14 years in the industry. We uphold our product quality, innovation and above all, our dedicated service team. This is all in accordance with our corporate slogan: “Makro Rekat Sekawan is an adhesive manufacturer and above all, a service provider”. We are known in Indonesia to be the most reliable adhesive supplier with continual improvement in adhesive quality and reliability of supply.


Our teams are comprised of the best chemists and engineers who are extensively trained. Our R&D team ensures the tailoring of products to exact our customer’s needs. On the service side, we ensure our technical services are always within reach to aid in troubleshooting at any time. Our production and support staff are committed and always ready to assist. Our organisation and discipline is reflected in our accreditation of ISO:9001. In addition to this, our staff are selected from a range of different industry backgrounds. Armed with this large knowledge base, we pass on our professional service to you.


As an export oriented company we strive to meet our customer’s requirements. Our products satisfy the highest quality standards. We have certification for material safety standards, and also observe and signify the significant importance of EHS and HAZOP/HAZAN related issues. Any standards required by end users can be investigated and accredited accordingly upon request.


Macro Rekat Sekawan is a progressive company and we are ready for challenges. Let us solve your adhesion needs.